Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Fairy Tale Dream

At the Rudolfinum

Welcome to my view of Prague.

I have tried to keep the entries organized in a way that makes sense, generally grouped together by area.

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View from Terraced Gardens - Church of St. Nicholas, Little Quarter

Thursday, June 22, 2006

View From Castle Looking Toward Little Quarter

On the lower right corner you can see some of the terraced gardens we enjoyed walking through on the way down from the Palace.

Castle Guard

View from Castle, Looking Toward Charles Bridge

Torture Chamber

The Castle wall contained displays of armor and this spooky room at the end. I was pleased I was able to take this photograph with available light, as it was very dimly lit. I have to give credit to my Nikon 24-120 VR lens!

Golden Lane Doorway

This doorway is less than 6 feet tall, which is actually quite generous as I (at 5'6") had to duck to enter some of the houses.

Golden Lane

Hordes of tourists crowd this narrow picturesque street. The tiny, brightly colored houses, which now house shops, are built into the wall of the Castle and originally housed Castle guards. The street is named after the goldsmiths who lived here in the 17th Century. The blue house pictured here, No. 22, once housed Franz Kafka, who stayed there with his sister for a few months. Although it seems romantic now, living here would have been very uncomfortable and the area was a slum by the 19th Century.

Chapel at the Royal Palace

The portrait represents Maria Theresa.

Vladislav Hall at the Royal Palace

In 1618 a couple of politicians were chucked out of the window on the right (an act called defenestration) as a protest but they survived the 50 foot fall by landing in a dung heap.

St. George's Basilica

Founded in 915, this Romanesque Church has had many renovations, including the terracotta Baroque facade. St. Ludmilla, Bohemia's first female Christian martyr is buried here. She was strangled, while praying, on the orders of her daughter-in-law. Some things never change.

Golden Portal Showing The Last Judgment

This was the main entrance until the 19th Century. The mosaic detail was constructed by Venetian craftsmen in the 14th Century.

Exterior of St. Vitus's Cathedral

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chapel of St. Wenceslas

This chapel contains the tomb of St. Wenceslas. The walls are encrusted in a mosaic of polished garnets and fine gilding.

Martyr with Headdress of Five Stars (St. John Nepomuk)

This guy's tongue was supposedly cut out and then he was thrown in to the Vltava on orders of the King because he wouldn't betray the Queen's confession. The sculpture is made, rather uniquely, of solid silver.

Breathtaking Gothic Interior

Work began on this church in 1344.

Gargoyle Downspout

Richly Decorated Exterior of St. Vitus's Cathedral

At the Castle

Czech Crystal


Pastel Confections at Entrance to Bridge Street

Exit from Charles Bridge to Little Quarter

Superstitious Tradition Claiming to Bring Good Luck

These gold carved images (the one on the left is of a dog) on the Charles Bridge shine brightly due to the constant rubbing.

Sketch Artist on Charles Bridge

Madonna on Charles Bidge

Crowds on the Charles Bridge

South of Charles Bridge

"Fred and Ginger" by Frank Gehry

Charles Bridge and Castle from South

Plum Liquor

Glimpse of Historic Interior of Restaurant in Alley

Begging, Czech Style

Absinth - Illegal Almost Everywhere Else

Library Bar